Sorry, NO Llama Trekking in 2015...

Take a 2 hour Llama Stroll- Learn the basics of handling these intriguing and gentle animals and see the newest baby alpacas from our herd of over 40 prize winning beauties. Stroll along on a guided nature hike through the scenic meadows, wooded trails and overlook of the river palisades of Seldom Scene Farm. Beverage break, no lunch included (though you may feel free to bring a sack lunch to eat during or after the hike!)
Weekdays- 2-6 people- $25.00 each, ages 5 and under free
7-12 people- $20.00 each, ages 5 and under free
Weekends- 2-6 people- $30.00 each
7-12 people- $25.00 each
3-4 hour Lunch hike with llamas- You’ll learn the basics of llamas and visit with the alpacas as well, and will enjoy a little bit longer hike with a campfire meal if it’s not too hot! Stops along the way include a historic cemetery, wildlife observation tower, and other points of interest. Beverage AND lunch included (nice box lunch during warm weather, super campfire meal during cooler weather. We can tailor to your needs).
Weekdays- 2-6 people- $45 each
7-12 people- $35 each
Weekends- 2-6 people- $50 each
7-12 people $40 eachInformation about Seldom Scene Farm
The farm has over 425 acres and miles of beautiful trails over which to hike, and we know you'll love having llamas along to enhance your nature experience. With award-winning enhancements to the environment (we participate in the USDA Wildlife Conservation program with plantings of native grasses, etc.), Seldom Scene Farm provides habitat for deer, wild turkeys, fox, coyote, rabbbits, quail, dozens of songbird species, rare plants, and other flora and fauna. The farm is along the Kentucky River in Woodford County, with views of the palisades and Lover's Leap in Anderson County.
You'll also enjoy seeing our herd of over 70 award-winning alpacas (with new babies or "crias" arriving throughout the year), or perhaps checking out our fine hand-made alpaca products such as yarn, felted hats, felted soap, scarves, sweaters, and hand-dyed fibers.

About Llamas and Alpacas
Llamas are gentle companions, and our llamas and alpacas used for hiking have had extensive training and possess especially kind dispositions!
They generally carry a maximum of 50 pounds for our day hikes, and are not trained to accept a rider (though our son rode one when he was very young).
Alpacas, smaller cousins of llamas, are bred for their fine fiber, but can also be trained to carry a day pack. We use much of the fiber from our alpacas for beautiful finished products (such as felted hats, shawls, and scarves, yarn, etc.), contribute some to the Alpaca Fiber Co-op, and sell it. We show our alpacas across the region, and sell in auctions as well as off the farm. To learn more about our alpacas and to see a current price list, visit our Farm Website.

Reserving a Llama Trek

First, check the above calendar for availability. Then give us a call at 859-428-8883 (or use the Google Voice link on the sidebar) or locally at 873-1622 to make arrangements. You will be asked to make a deposit (Visa, PayPal, or checks accepted) in order to hold your spot. Lunch hikes MAY require a minimum of 1 day's notice, other hikes are subject to our availability.